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Now Accepting Students for our Next Session beginning Jan. 6th, 2014.
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Parker Schedule


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Mommy & Me Ages 18mo.- 3yr.
Have fun with your little one singing, dancing & bonding together! Emphasis on parent participation.

Tiny Tots Ages 3-4
This class is a fun and energetic introduction to dance and dramatics. The students will be introduced to body movement
and awareness through using creativity and imagination.

Petite Combo Ages 4-5
Learning the basics of ballet, tap and tumbling. This exciting class is designed for young children to begin their dance training.
Rhythm, large motor skills and flexibility will be the focus.

Kindie Combo Ages 5-6
This class introduces the techniques of ballet and tap. Students are introduced to strengthening exercises, basic dance movements, and musicality. Various music genres are included to keep the class Fun and Exciting!

Our ballet program is a merger of many classical teaching styles. The focus is on proper body alignment, muscle strengthening and increasing flexibility. Students will learn terminology and musicality. Instructor will determine level.

This class will further ballet training and prepare the dancer for Pointe work.
(Dancers must be 11yr. and up, have at least 3 years ballet training, and be pre-approved by the instructor)
Additional weekly Ballet Classes are required.

Our tap classes incorporate styles from the past and present, from classical to rhythm.
Coordination, speed and proper technique will be the focus.

This expressive technique includes various types of music including blues, rock, hiphop, jazz, dance.
Technique and strength will be a large part of this class. Also learning many types of interesting choreography.

A merge of Ballet/Jazz/Modern/Contemporary based exercises with feeling and passion.
Dancers will learn to express themselves and interpert the Lyrics of music. Ballet training is required. Ages 10+

Modern dance has many forms and styles. It is incredibly strengthening and beneficial to intermediate/advanced dancers.

A high intensity class based from jazz and cheerleading. Students will learn exercises & choreography that will benefit
current cheerleaders & pompons dancers as well as prepare you for try-outs!

Hip Hop
Upbeat music, attitude and funky style is what you’ll find in our hip hop classes. Lots of fun and energy.

Strengthening & stretch class for dancers. Cardiovascular & toning exercises.
(students must be pre-approved).

Turns & Leaps
This class focuses on proper technique and execution of both Ballet & Jazz Turns & Leaps.
(students must be pre-approved).

Dance Techniques

••••PARKER STUDIO: 17908 Cottonwood Drive, Suite A | Parker, CO 80134 | 303.766.0167••••
••••LONE TREE STUDIO: 8868 Maximus Drive | Lone Tree, CO 80124 | 303.799.1940••••
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